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Friday, October 06, 2006

I first became familiar with podcasts through NPR. The first one I listened to was a concert given by The Decemberists. Then I was told to get a podcast from The Diane Rehm Show that a friend said I'd enjoy. I did! Barak Obama has podcasts on his official website, and it's a splendid way to convey one's political beliefs. I went to and was amazed by how many links they had. There in the Arts/Books and Poetry section I found a link to the Johnson County Public Library. They did a podcast on a poetry program held there. What an incredible idea! Some of our PLCMC branches do poetry slams and such. If we could tell the patrons that their readings would be available on the Internet, it may motivate more people to attend. It gives them a bit of a chance to be famous! The possibilities for programming are endless. People who don't want to drive to the library can still attend and in this day and age when people virtually live online (no pun intended!) podcasts can truly help us get with the times and meet the needs of our users.


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