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Friday, October 06, 2006

Alright, I'm a little frustrated with Zohowriter. Actually, I think it may be Blogger's fault. I was writing my document and using different font styles and little emotive icons because you can't do that in Blogger, but when I tried to publish the document in my blog it couldn't find my Blogger account. The same thing happened with Flickr. This stinks because I was really excited to use zohowriter to brighten up my blog entries. If I can't send it to Blogger than the whole thing is almost completely pointless for me. Hopefully, most people don't have this problem. I'll ignore it for a bit and say that it's really nice to have access to all of these things without having to download anything. I have a Mac at home that we bought super-cheap and it doesn't have a text program. Now I can go to Zohowriter and do pretty much anything I need to do. If I can only solve the publishing issue...


Blogger arvind said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm Arvind, from Zoho.

Sorry that you are facing this issue. We are indeed having intermittent problems with posting to blogs. The problem is with Zoho Writer using the Atom API. Google recently announced that they are deprecating this API and so we will be moving to the Google Blogger Data API that Google is asking everyone to use now.

We have already tested the new API locally in our labs here & it is working well. We will be updating this in Zoho Writer soon & we believe this should solve this issue.

Happy blogging & check out the other useful apps at


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