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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I love the concept of lifelong learning. That's actually part of what drew me to being a librarian in the first place. We have the opportunity to learn new things on a daily basis and that excites me to no end. As much as I embrace the constant growth of knowledge, there are a couple of steps out of that 7 1/2 that give me trouble. For instance, I don't often begin with the end in mind. I'm more prone to jump into something spontaneously and hope for the best. This is certainly something that I need to work on. The other one that may challenge me is creating a learning toolbox. My organization skills leave much to be desired. I do like lists, however. I make grocery lists and gift lists and budgeting lists. Then I stick them in various places never to be seen again. Again, I've got plenty of room to grow. I may have had quite a late start on this project, but I make up for it with significant enthusiasm. Let's do it...


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